Loving the time travel trope


Book review:  Mine Tomorrow by Jackie Braun (Novella)

I wanted some mindless distraction this weekend, so instead of starting a new novel, I read this romance novella.

Everyone who reads ebooks knows about the novella craze that comes with that format. There’re literally thousands on the ebook sites. A lot have holiday themes (the Christmas ones are there for sale already), and others have popular tropes, like this one and its time travel theme.

I am currently in a ‘time travel’ phase. I don’t like zombies or vampires or werewolves, but give me a time travel book (or tv show — Ashes to Ashes is a new fav of mine) and I’ll devour it of late. So, the hint of time travel in this cheap (let’s face it, paying over 99 cents for a novella is not going to happen) novella was too tempting to pass on.

But should I review novellas? Or rate them? I suppose I should, so I remember whether or not I would want to read a novel by the same author again (which, I presume, is the reason they publish them in the first place), but I have vowed to use a different ratings system. Yes, I’ll still rate out of 5, but I’m going to do this by comparing them to other novellas, not other normal full length novels. It’s like comparing oranges to apples otherwise.

So, comparing this to other novellas I’ve read (all since purchasing my ereader/ipad), I would say this was a great read.

The time travel idea had some things which have been used before in other books (the use of a watch for example) but it had one touch that was very original, I thought (I won’t say what — spoilers!).

The plot and romance did suffer due to the format; they were a little hurried. The writing flowed easily, however, and there were no glaringly obvious spelling or grammatical errors (which I’ve noticed in some of the novellas I’ve read).

Would I read anything by this author again? Yes, I think I would. Would I rec this to anyone? Yes, I would. Especially if you like romances and time travel.

It was short and sweet and was just what I needed this weekend. Novella rating of 4/5.


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