Christmas spirit at last!


Book review:  12 Daves of Christmas by Juliet Madison

At last!!!! A Christmas novella that I loved!

After rolling my eyes through so many last year, I’ve hit the jackpot this year with this little Aussie chick lit-type romance.

Our heroine, Abby, is a romance book author who finds out about her grandmother’s first love. The gent, with the unfortunately common name of Dave Smith, never turned up for his prearranged rendezvous with Abby’s grandmother, and it was assumed he had died in the war. Some new information comes to light, however, which makes Abby believe he might not have died after all. There’re twelve Dave Smiths in the phone book in the area he and her grandmother originally lived, so Abby embarks on a road trip to visit each with the vague hope that she’ll find ‘the one’.

I thought the way Madison crossed each Dave off Abby’s list was clever at times. That is, not every Dave was simply age inappropriate to be the Dave, and she’s used some other original ideas to discount them.

The book is easy to read and I actually devoured it in one sitting as I was eager to find out what would happen (I just have taken ages to post this review!).

Other than the chick-lit style humour and romance, there’s also a little Christmas magic for those who like that sort of thing.

Using my handy-dandy-novella-ratings-system, it gets a 5/5. But I should say that if I was comparing it to a normal full length novel, I would still give it at least a 4/5.

Highly recommend it, and I can’t wait to read another Juliet Madison book.


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