Coming up short


Book review:  A Kirribilli Christmas by Louise Reynolds

I’m afraid I found this Christmas novella a little… Bland, might be the best word.

The plot and characters have potential, and there’s nothing wrong with the writing on a whole, so I am going to completely blame its brevity for my ho-hum response.

I never felt the chemistry between the leads, and again, I think it’s because I never had enough time for them to connect with each other and/or myself.

I never really understood the supporting characters’ issues with the heroine, Shelby. Their past is explained, but the way they carried on seemed like there was some hidden hostility which we aren’t privy to. Either that or they’re the most immature adults alive.

The Sydney setting, despite the title, is not important, and I felt like it could have been set anywhere. (I also question whether or not anyone with a harbour view in the suburb of Kirribilli could ever be catergorised as poor, even in the 80s/90s, when the main characters would have been young.)

Overall, this book is okay, but not great.  3/5


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