Tolerable, but not handsome enough

unleashing mr darcyBook Review:  Unleashing Darcy by Teri Wilson

Question 1:  How many books there are on the market that are based upon, or mention, Jane Austen novels?  It must be an impressive number.

Question 2:  How many of these ‘published fanfic’ are worthy of any comparison? Unfortunately,  I do think I could probably keep count of these with one hand.

Question 3:  How many of these books do I want to read?  Sadly, for me and my sanity, this number will correspond with the answer to question one.

Yes, I have a complete love/hate with these books.  They’re like an addiction.  Not good for me at all, and yet I can’t stop.

In Teri Wilson’s ‘reimagining’, the original Pride and Prejudice doesn’t exist.  Well, I don’t think it does, because no one thinks to mention that a man called Mr Darcy meeting a woman called Elizabeth is a funny coincidence.

This Elizabeth is American, and a school teacher who’s been temporarily stood down from her position at a posh private school in New York whilst she’s investigated for attempting to extort money from a parent.

To console herself she decides to indulge in her favourite new pastime, showing her dog in a show.

Enter the dog show judge, the very English and very sexy Mr Darcy.

The rest of the story follows the familiar plot with a lot of the familiar characters as well. (Perhaps too many, I thought, for Aunt Constance was completely unnecessary.)

I wasn’t won over by Darcy’s involvement in the dog shows.  Adding puppies sounds cute, but dog shows and dog show judges just don’t scream sexy to me. (No offence to those of you on that circuit! LOL)

Some other ‘borrowed’ plots were a little weak too.  For example, the scene where Elizabeth’s mother was supposed to be embarrassing, instead she was rather subdued and normal.  I don’t think I’d be disowning this ‘Mrs Bennet’ as fast as the original.

I did enjoy the way the writer wrote the sexual tension between the leads, both before and after its resolution.  I gave my rating an extra point for that.  I had to take half off, however, for Darcy’s annoying habit of winking more than Benny Hill.

According to the blurb, this is the first in a three-book series of retellings of classic romances.  Will I try and read the next, with the title of Unmasking Juliet giving me a hint of what it’s based upon?  Yes, I probably will, because all in all, I enjoyed this book, but it could have been much better.



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