Book Review: Sight by Juliet Madison


I’m not very trendy, it seems, as whilst everyone else around the world of my age (I’m in my forties) has jumped on the New Adult bandwagon, I’m yet to be convinced that anyone over the age of 25 should bother to indulge.

I figured if anyone could convince me of the genre’s worth, however, it would be Juliet Madison. I thoroughly enjoyed two of her novels previously, both fun and clever romances.

Sight is the first in the Delta Girls series which features the five Delcarta sisters. Each book, I assume, will be written from one of the sisters’ point of view and, in this first installment, our narrator is Savannah.

Just before her 16th birthday, Savannah goes into hospital for an operation to remove a brain aneurysm. Afterwards, she falls into a coma, and upon waking she, and her sisters, discover if that they join hands and concentrate they can predict the future, each using one of the five senses.

Savannah is, obviously from the title, gifted with the sense of sight.

For me, Sight suffered in a couple of areas. Firstly, as it is that problematic first cab off the rank, it had to dedicate several chapters to set up the premise of the girls’ ‘super powers’. The girls trying to work out what exactly their gifts are and how they work becomes a little mind numbing, but has to be included.

The second issue I had was with the setting. One of the things I adored about Madison’s other offerings was the way she depicted Australia and our typical traits. Although Sight doesn’t specify a setting as such, and the town the girls live in is fictional, it is fairly obvious from the way the characters spoke, their hobbies, and the sports they play, it was meant to be America (plus there’s American spelling).

While I understand the need to appeal to a wider market, it did, for me, take away a chunk of what I found charming in Madison’s books I’d previously read.

The other thing I enjoyed about Madison’s previous titles was their humour. I quite often laughed out loud in those, but I found Sight to be quite staid and serious for the most.

The mystery was well done, and I did appreciate not only the way the main mystery of this book was solved in the end, giving us some sense (see what I did there?) of resolution, but how cleverly Madison introduced the idea of another couple of mysteries to ensure readers seek out the other books in the series.

Unlike a couple of other New Adult titles I’ve attempted, there is nothing inappropriate about Sight. The young romance in the book is harmless, as are the supernatural themes involved. It’s all very PG rated, and I would certainly say that anyone as young as 12 would enjoy this offering. I’m just not sure anyone over the age of say 22 will. Its innocence is its death knell with me, I’m afraid.

4/5 if you’re very young.

3/5 if you’re over the hill like me.


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