All that Happened at Number 26

all that goes on

Book Review:  All that Happened at Number 26 by Denise Scott

I unashamedly adore Denise Scott. Every appearance she makes on tv has me in hysterics. So I had high expectations for this book and was concerned I might be disappointed. I needn’t have worried. This book is a hilarious read.

Despite Denise’s somewhat unorthodox lifestyle, her world is very typical Australian. Her trials and tribulations with her children, her marriage, her mother and her job seem so familiar (especially to this middle aged female Australian mother). My favourite section was where she ‘gives up’ smoking! So funny.

There are a couple of very sad moments in the book too, but of course she manages to find the humour in even her most depressing situations.

PS Don’t forget to read the acknowledgements in the end! Even those are funny!

Highly recommend this book.


(Reviewed in June 2013 and posted to Goodreads only.)


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