Book Review: A Sudden Crush

a sudden crush

Book Review:  A Sudden Crush by Camilla Isley

What a fun read!

Joanna is flying to her honeymoon destination when she crash lands onto an uninhabited tropical island. The only other survivor is Connor, the man she had to sit beside on the plane instead of her husband.

Joanna and Connor had already fought on the plane over the seating arrangements, but now they will have to work together to survive while determining how they’ll get back to civilisation (and in Joanna’s case, her husband Liam).

Joanna enlists the help of a baby monkey and her solar charging mobile/cell phone, whilst Connor flexes his muscles to make their shelter and catch their (mostly fish) dinner.

Yes, the situation sounds silly, but there’s just enough realism added to make you believe it might all be possible. And besides, in the end everything’s far too entertaining to care.

The couple don’t spend the entire time on the island, and I enjoyed the slightly different angle this created with the plot and characters at around the halfway point. It was quite clever.

I also appreciate the classy way Isley handled the ‘love triangle’. It could have become horribly tacky or inappropriate, but not once did I get that feeling. It was perfectly played by the writer (and the three characters).

I raced through the book in one afternoon. Not because it was simplistic writing, but because I was so engrossed with it I found it difficult to put down.

I will definitely be reading something else by Isley (in fact, I’ve already purchased I Wish for You) and I definitely recommend this sweet (and sometimes slightly steamy) book.

4 ½ out of 5.


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