Alpha Christmas (Novella)

christmas alpha


Book Review :  Christmas Alpha by Carole Mortimer

So, a novella to start a ‘sizzling HOT’ new series from a seasoned romance writer. Well, maybe they didn’t need the uppercase there. And maybe I need to double (triple!) check I got this for free.

Novellas are tricky, for starters. Introducing characters and making the reader care about them in the short format is a talent that I’ve discovered a meagre few have been gifted. But one thing they should do is give me a taste of the theme of the next books to encourage me to buy them. All I can say is, if this is the style of the others, I’ll give them a miss.

Starts out normal. Our leading couple meet cute. She delivers him a parcel in a snowstorm, he mistakenly believes she is a nude model, blah blah blah. All the usual romantic fare that works for millions around the world (including me).

Alpha man has a secret. Don’t they all? It (the conflict, drumroll) arrives in the form of his ex-girlfriend. This is probably where I might have been lost completely. This drivel of Fatal Attraction-like stereotypical nasty ex is best kept in an 80s novel, Ms Mortimer.

I would probably have coped (after all, this is a novella, and this ‘criminal’ was tossed in to cover the ‘suspense’ tag obviously) if alpha male was not a misogynistic creep. I mean, how would you react to meeting a man with his jeans undone and he clearly is not wearing underwear? Surely you’d think that was sexy. *blink* He is, of course, wildly talented and rich, so that probably explains it.

Christmas is not important, btw. I’ve had this rant before. About Christmas novellas having zero to do with Christmas and everything to do with ripping off the consumer wanting to read a Christmas setting.

And lastly, the hot part. (Sorry, HOT!) Mmm… So, this is modern HOT apparently. And according to Ms Mortimer, modern hot (HOT) is adding swear words to your sex scenes. Yep, that’s it really. Just toss a couple of unnecessary four letter words in with your kissing and manhoods and you have it. Contemporary HOT. Or not.

1 out of 5.



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