Book Review: Worth the Wait


Book Review:  Worth the Wait

This is the third, and I think best, book my friend Rowena has published.

I don’t know if it’s because Rowena and I are around the same age, live in the same area, and have had similar backgrounds or not, but I find her writing very relatable and easy to read. Her use of witty similes raises my reading enjoyment level and makes me continually laugh.

Worth the Wait’s heroine, Lena, is an intelligent girl with a successful career. Unfortunately, due to her background, none of this is as important as losing weight to look good for her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

Her training partner, Caleb, can’t understand this mentality. Nor can he understand why she wants to attend her ex’s wedding in the first place.

This is a romance so the outcome is quite obvious, but there’s a real poignancy included when Lena faces her family and friends from Sydney who have caused her low self esteem and body issues. (It’s a heart jolting moment when we learn the reason Lena wants to attend the wedding, for example.) This conflict of the plot made me tear up and really makes you root for the heroine to get that HEA.

I must add that Worth the Wait is classed as a novella, but I found it quite satisfying. The characters and plot were all well-rounded and detailed, and although I read it quickly, I didn’t feel cheated because of the short form as I sometimes do.

5 out of 5


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