Celebrations and Confetti At Cedarwood Lodge


Book Review:  Celebrations and Confetti at Cedarwood Lodge by Rebecca Raisin

This book has all the ingredients that make an enjoyable chick lit read, only it seems to be missing some vital ingredient.

Clio, our heroine, returns to her hometown of Evergreen where she buys the rundown lodge of the title. It’s not really a tree change, but more of the cliched ‘had to get out of the city due to a misunderstanding’ with her previous highly paid position. A scandal that is apparently still being splashed around the city’s newspapers and social media circles and yet, even though the internet is worldwide, apparently no one from Evergreen has seen their prodigal daughter’s story of shame.

Once in the town, which I get the sense of being a Southern US one, even though I don’t remember it being particularly stated, Raisin introduces us to a large group of supporting characters. Most, unfortunately, were less than interesting.

Clio gets the chance for romance with two potential suitors. One is an Australian who she’s employed as project manager to renovate her lodge. You’d think I’d enjoy an Aussie character but he just wasn’t fleshed out enough for me to find appealing. The other candidate is Clio’s high school sweetheart. If possible, he’s even less appealing, especially when his obviously deeply disturbed children are included in the scene. Clio has zero chemistry with either man. In fact, the only male she does have chemistry with is the cynical actor she speaks to over the telephone in one scene.

This is ‘part one’ and therefore, not all the storylines were wrapped up at its conclusion. I guess I wouldn’t mind knowing a couple of things that I was left hanging on, but I won’t lose sleep over it.

2 out of 5



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