Safe With Me


Book Review:  Safe With Me by KL Slater

Safe with Me is a tense psychological thriller that left me feeling a little… Unsteady might be the best word.

Anna is our main narrator but the book does switch to the point of view of several other characters. I think it’s safe to say that Anna’s not the most mentally stable character. At the very least she suffers from OCD and PTSD. Despite that, she is coping fairly well in society until she witnesses a traffic accident.

Anna instantly recognises the driver at fault as a woman from her past. Specifically a woman Anna implies killed her brother.

The woman, Amanda, acts innocently in most of her scenes and it is, in fact, Anna who starts to act like a guilty party. She falls apart completely with regards to her work. She basically stalks the victim in the accident, Liam. She smells things, and swears at things and she, literally, tears her hair out.

As Anna could very well be an unreliable narrator, I considered a hundred different scenarios and outcomes. Were Anna’s mental health issues severe enough to make her capable of physical violence? Was someone else setting Anna up and she was in danger? Was there a body stashed in her house? Or perhaps a dead cat? What was the story with the woman from Anna’s work? Was Amanda really as innocent as she claims?

Each chapter is relatively short, and I liked the way Anna’s madness intensified gradually.
The book offers chapters set in the present day and thirteen years ago.  The flashbacks don’t make the most pleasant reading and I also found I was just as nervous about their outcome as the main story.

I liked the book’s ending. It wasn’t completely expected or comforting, but it did fit in with the rest of the book’s style.

If you’re looking for a feel good story, this shouldn’t be what you pick up to read. But, if you like to feel on edge, give this a go.

4 out of 5


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