Book Review: All I Ever Wanted


Book Review:  All I Ever Wanted by Lucy Dillon

All I Ever Wanted isn’t the usual type of book I read, and there were some aspects I enjoyed, and some I didn’t.

The book isn’t a straight out romance, but what you’d probably call a heartwarming and uplifting women’s fic. I don’t usually read this genre because I’m not keen on hackneyed characters and situations where everyone is perfect. Luckily, All I Ever Wanted wasn’t completely cheesy.

We follow the lives of Eva and her sister-in-law, Caitlin. Caitlin and Eva’s brother, Patrick, are having marital issues, and have separated. Eva’s house becomes the convenient base for Patrick’s weekend visits of his and Caitlin’s children. Up to this time Eva had become a bit of a hermit. She’s a childless window who doesn’t exactly know if she can cope with two children around the house. Things are made more difficult for her when she finds out her late husband, who was a famous English actor/celebrity, has left a legacy in the shape of several diaries which could expose every personal thing that happened during their marriage to the public.

I did like both female characters. They’re both strong in their own ways, but also show a nice amount of vulnerability. Caitlin saves the book from the ‘everyone is perfect’ bullet I mentioned, because she’s basically a bit of a wreck throughout. Although Dillon does stop short of making her too immoral, so you don’t need to worry about any inappropriate goings on. Maybe that’s what I wanted, however. Something to spice things up just a smidgen?

Because, despite the subplots (Caitlin and Patrick’s daughter develops a speech problem, Eva is romanced by the man wishing to publish her late husband’s memoir whilst struggling with her ticking biological clock, Caitlin rebels to romance a younger musician), I sometimes felt that nothing was really happening in the book. Especially as I got closer to the end. I didn’t really get completely emotional over any of it, like I tend to do with books. I neither cried nor celebrated. I simply read through to the end of the book only mildly interested in what would be the resolution for the characters.

I did like it though. It wasn’t all bad. Dillon’s writing flowed nicely and I would probably read another one of her books if the opportunity arose. I’m just not convinced the genre is my cup of tea.

3 1 /2 leaning towards a 4 out of 5


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