Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses


Book Review:  Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses by Carole Matthews

This book started out promising. It’s written in the first person point of view of Christie, a 42 year old single mum with a teenager son. I nodded and agreed with just about all of her observations in the early part of the book. Then, somewhere around the 35% mark I found my interest waning.

Christie has a passion for crafting. She tries to juggle this crafting hobby around her ‘real life’ job as a PA in a solicitors’ office.  It’s a job which involves a ridiculous amount of time commuting on a bus where she meets a potential suitor, Henry.

Soon, however, her apparently boring career and lovelife is given a boost when her mother puts her name forward to a huge US craft company. It ends up that she’s not only offered a new job, but a place in its owner’s, Max, bed also.

Now, I admit to knowing zero about craft companies, but I will admit to having issues with Max.  I just found it very difficult to imagine a craft company flying their employees around the world and its owner living such an extravagant millionaire lifestyle. So, for me, Max’s character slipped over into trashy romance territory far too many times.
Meanwhile, Christie’s son is diagnosed with a serious illness. I’m not marking this a spoiler because it was predictable from page one. The outcome also was a little predictable. No tenterhooks with this storyline, I’m afraid.

I also wasn’t anxious to learn just which man would win over the fair maiden. There was no chemistry between Christie and either leading man, in my opinion.  I wasn’t rushing to turn the pages as one should when reading.

I’ve got to point out that I can’t even sew on a button, and craft isn’t something I’ve ever done (not even when my kids were kindy/preschool age).  Despite that, I want to make it clear that the passages dedicated to describing what craft project Christie was carrying out at various times didn’t have any bearing on my rating. If you are into crafts you’ll probably be in heaven. If you’re like me and have no interest, you should know those scenes aren’t too intense.

It was the romance that didn’t work for me and that would help in a chick lit/romance novel.   And unfortunately, overall, I didn’t really find Christie an appealing heroine either.

3 out of 5


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