The Woman Who Met Her Match

met her match

Book Review:  The Woman Who Met Her Match by Fiona Gibson

Lorrie might be the woman who met her match, but I’m the woman who has met her perfect chicklit novel.

Of late, the quality of chicklit books I’ve read has been rather low, but happily The Woman Who Met Her Match has restored my faith.

Despite the blurb, the storyline does not revolve around Lorrie travelling to France (most of the book is set in London but, don’t fret, we do get a few pretty scenes with the French setting) and starting up a relationship with her first love, Antoine. There’s a little more to it than that.

There’s quite a bit about ageism. The plot surrounding Lorrie’s new employers especially highlights that society has a long way to go towards changing people’s attitudes about when a woman has reached her use-by date. (At 46, Lorrie is mature without being over the hill, in my opinion, but it might be something to do with the fact I’m also 46…)

Fat shaming is also a huge issue tackled in the book. I’d like to say the number of times this happens to Lorrie was an artistic exaggeration, but I know it was probably spot on. (It doesn’t help of course that, like everyone else in her/my generation, Lorrie suffers from low self esteem.)

Gibson also adds the themes of handling grief, the futility of revenge, and forgiveness with a deft touch.

In the romance department, there’s a plethora of men parading through Lorrie’s life. There’s the aforementioned Antoine, a couple of likely (and not likely) candidates she meets via an online dating site, a cutie from the dog park, and you might even count Lorrie’s old friend and boarder, Stu.

I liked that none of her potential suitors were tycoons ready to sweep her off her feet and into their sports cars/yachts/private islands. Antione was as close as we got to a millionaire, but even he was not over the top.

Choosing a hero for me to cheer on wasn’t a difficulty. Lorrie’s end game guy was my choice, so at last the HEA had me punching the air in happiness.

I also enjoyed the way Gibson wrote the romantic scenes. I thought there was just the right balance between sexy and sweet.

Well, actually, I enjoyed everything about this book. I will definitely be checking out Gibson’s other novels. Highly recommend for those looking for a satisfying chicklit read.

5 out of 5


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